Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pink Tower Extensions

First off, Kathy, thanks for the comment and encouragement. I suppose I was getting the montessori method mixed up with the "Gettman method." At least, I think that was where I saw the constant admonition to silently demonstrate everything wholly first, and if the child asks for a turn, to say, "Wait until I am finished." I should know better than to mistake one interpretation as the method itself.

I will definitely check out your website when I get a chance.

Here are some pictures of Beeper doing some Pink Tower extensions:

These cards were cheap and easy to make. (Except that I wasn't paying attention and used 11x14 paper, so I I had to squeeze the squares on for a couple of them. I got the idea for making these from What DID We Do All Day.

I started making cards in photoshop a while back for the pink tower/brown stair combination extensions. I plan to put a couple of these out at a time to see if Beeper can figure them out (if he is even interested). I made these based on the photos Stephanie posted last year. You can download a set of 8 cards that print out at 5x7 each (4 pages total) here. (There are only 8, because some didn't interpret well to the drawing format I used. I would highly recommend going over to Montessori Free Fall and checking out the photos.

Show off your own homemade Montessori materials:


Evelyn / 2 Pequenos Traviesos said...

Thanks for your wonderful extension cards. I still don't have the brown stairs but I'll definitely link back to your blog when I get them. Hm, I might blog about these before I do get the brown stairs to let others know about your cards.
Hugs from PR

Our Country Road said...

These are awesome!! Thank you!