Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sewing Success

I finally found an activity Beeper likes. After I ordered the sewing block at Amazon, I started wondering whether it was such a good purchase afterall. The shipping turned out to be a bit high, and since it's from a third party seller, it doesn't qualify for super-saver shipping. I had ordered it in haste, seeing that there were only three left in stock. There are plenty of other sewing-type activities he could use instead.

It arrived today, though, and I have decided with was worth it. Beeper hasn't really been into any of the activities I've come up with for him so far - the matching cards were a bust, threading pieces of felt onto a ribbon was a bust, etc. We'll try those again later, but for now, he's just not into it. He loves the sewing block, though. He was quite happy to sit and thread the wooden needle through all the holes. Of course, he spent just as much time putting it in and out of the little box, taking the lid on and off of the box, and putting other toys into the box, which he would then hand to me and say, "I got you a present, Mama!" Oh, and of course, swinging it around was fun too. Not sure if I'll let him keep that up.

I haven't set up his shelf/box yet for school, but when I do, this will definitely be one of the activities to go on right from the start.


momma's heart said...

Arwen, You've set up a very nice blog! Your computer skills are so good! I still have so much to learn; I don't even know how to put a link into my blogs.

I love the Charlotte Mason philosophy! I plan to use it too when my boys are better at writing. They both still have some trouble forming letters. I am taking it slowly, waiting for their small muscles to mature. We have lots of toys designed to strengthen hand muscles, so slow development here might be genetic. It would be a problem if they were going to public school, but I have the luxury of going at their pace. I love that.

You're doing a great job gathering all the essential preschool tools. You already know so much. Beeper is blessed to have such a dedicated Mommmy!

Pam (friend from Babycenter)

Julie said...

my son didn't really get lacing or sewing until about 3...and even then he only enjoys it when I am sewing. I can also identify with the frustration of planning/preparing for activities only to have child thumb his nose at them.